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Shelley Coar in Bagan, Myanmar
Shelley Coar in Bagan, Myanmar

Shelley and I were born wanderers. When it comes to possessing a sense of constant and unrelenting wanderlust, we never had much choice in the matter. Our grandmother, Evelyn Anderson has been a stalwart globe trotter for the last 95 years. We know that without her fiery passion for the value of travel, we would not be the women we are today.

Shelley and I both have full time jobs, so we are not here to tell you to quit your life to travel the world. We simply want to show you how to to accomplish that one amazing trip every year to two. It is possible! You only need a little strategic planning and a lot of wanderlust. We will share with you how to travel fearlessly, comfortably, and within your budget.


Shelley has lived in Belgium, Kenya and the Turks and Caicos. Traveled to India, Myanmar, Vietnam, South Africa, Egypt throughout most of Europe and more.  We got to experience Morocco and Portugal together and plan to share more adventures in the years to come. 

Traveling is not about ritzy hotels and extravagant first class tickets (even though that certainly makes it easier), it is about truly challenging the world that you live in and the life that are used to. If you never get to experience those far away places, you’ll never truly discover the person you can become or the challenges that you can overcome. 

For those of you that we don’t need to convince, we will be your guide to saving, booking, experiencing, finding and discovering your dream trips along the way!

I fell in love with traveling when I went to Italy with all the women in my family at the age of 11. I was enthralled with witnessing cultures so vastly different from my own and the ways in which people lived, ate and spoke.  Now, I’m 25 and have traveled to Australia, France, Belgium, Morocco, Denmark, Italy (again), Portugal and the list will go on. By day, I’m a digital marketer and expert in online marketing. By night, I’m planning for that next adventure and willing and ready to share my past experiences and what they have taught me.

Travel to Morocco and ride camels in the Sahara

It’s a funny thing coming home. Nothing changes. Everything looks the same, feels the same, even smells the same. You realize what’s changed is you

— F. Scott Fitzgerald

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