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Looking through my archives of thousands of images, I realized I have a small (or not so small) fascination with doors. To be fair I did grow up in small town America, where doors are mainly functional and nothing to write home about. So perhaps as I ventured out across the globe, seeing beautiful and even breath-taking doors has captivated me. I am happy to share with you few of my favorites! (I, at the…

Like many visitors to Sintra, we came for the photographs and other-worldly castles that sit atop a mountain overlooking the sea. Despite three days of relentless fog and rain threatening to drown us, we fell head over heels with this adorable Portuguese village. As the moorish and pastel colored castles rose out of the fog before us, we were HOOKED. Most people hope to cram Sintra into a day trip. Even with three days to…

Jet lag can put a damper on your wildest of plans. For the longest time, I considered Europe and Southeast Asia the two areas of the world that housed my most prized travel bucket list items and unfortunately, those two sections of the map come with some serious internal clock struggles. However, I recently discovered that traveling and exploring cultures unlike your own doesn’t automatically require long flights, dehydration, and caffeine overload (although I will…

The moment I stepped out of our hotel room in Paris and heard the momentarily still and peaceful sounds of the side streets of Rue Roquépine, I knew this was a well overdue jaunt into the unknown. My husband and I made our way down the crowded, noisy main roads to the Seine and ordered two glasses of Rose on a rickety, yet effortlessly charming Riverboat/cafe. Jet-lag plagued my mind and it all felt like a…

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