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I know you are all sitting on the edge of your seat wondering how I, Shelley the World Traveler, could possibly stop traveling. And I will just put you out of your misery and say, I’ve stopped for now. I by no means have any intentions of making that decision a permanent one. Life throws us some curve balls and a few have hit me smack between the eyes. It’s true, travel is for most…

I certainly don’t need much encouragement in my habits of Wanderlust and addiction to adventure. But once in awhile, when I’m not traveling, I like to let my mind do the wandering. We’ve curated a list of our favorite movies that will take you to the streets of Paris after midnight, a wedding in India, a volcano in Iceland, the shores of Italy and beyond. Enjoy! 1. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty  2. Seven…

Thanksgiving is a time where we express gratitude. Gratitude for family, safety, love, financial stability, and a never ending list of items that we cherish in this country. Travel has given me many things, but most of all, it has provided me with a lens of gratitude for the experiences that have brought me closer to understanding how different life is for most people in this world. The first time I traveled to Morocco, it…

I hardly miss a chance to visit Paris, even if for a day in passing. To be sure, there are a million things to do and see, all worth your while. There is, however, one thing no matter how short the trip, I always make a point to do. If you walk across the Seine to the Ile de la Cite and follow the cobblestone streets to the east side you will inevitably run into…

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