How to Travel Guides & Hacks


When it comes to air travel you have to watch out for yourself. It’s no secret airlines will take advantage of you in any way they can to make a buck. Here are four things you NEED to know before you buy your next ticket. Basic Economy Fares – Buyer BEWARE. Know what you are purchasing when you buy the cheapest ticket. Unless you’re flying Southwest (Gotta love them for their hospitality, free bags and free…

I’ve spoken with quite a few friends and family who are concerned about having too many credit cards and what that might do to your credit score.  It is a very valid concern. However keep in mind that debt like mortgages, student loans, and car loans are the best way to build your credit and have the largest impact. I have had 8 different travel award credit cards (4 that remain open) at this point…

Most well traveled road warriors have their own packing trade secrets, and usually some strong opinions on the fold vs. roll technique. I’ll admit, I take on packing like a new 1000 piece puzzle challenge to be masterfully put together. I’m always strategizing on how I can fit clothes and gear into the least amount of space possible, utilizing every square inch. I thought I was a world class packer… until one day I learned…

A passport is just a blue little book with your picture in it, but it holds pages and pages of possibilities. It’s like the world is at your fingertips when you hold one.  My wish is that everyone could have the experience of travel.  If  you are traveling internationally you must have a passport. Period. Many countries also require a visa. Getting a new passport is not cheap and takes time, so make sure you…

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