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Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE to travel. And I do. But I put up with a lot of discomfort, stress and sometimes even trauma to do it. Let’s face it… not all trips are magical all the time. Some downright suck. BUT, I can honestly say travel has changed my life, opened my mind and taught me more than any book or classroom. Below are 4 of the worst things that happen when…

Taking an international trip can be daunting, especially if it’s your first one. Where to stay? How to get around? Do you need a guide? Talk about overwhelming…. Most people I talk to already have a dream location in mind. Here’s a quick guide on how to make your dream a reality! Before you book, check out The Art of Travel on finding the best locations and vacations for YOU. 1. Buy an Airline Ticket!!!!…

The global sharing economy has unlocked a whole new world of home-away-from-home experiences. As a result, hotels have lowered prices and introduced fantastic award programs to stay competitive. I’ve provided my favorite travel sites and companies to book hotels, apartments or homes for the best possible price and value. Enjoy!! We have found some great apartments and hotels through this site. I haven’t found a hotel booking site (expedia, hotels, hotwire) that has the…

As I sat atop a rocky outcrop overlooking the vast Kenyan Serengeti, I looked down to realize there were black tiny spots all over my jeans. A closer look revealed…pepper ticks. EEEEKK! Thank goodness for the duct-tape I had around my water bottle for emergencies. A little duct-tape over the jeans and good-bye pepper ticks! In addition to clothes, shoes and toiletries there’s a lot more that goes into packing for a developing country. Being…

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