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Let’s be honest, I survive international flights. I definitely don’t thrive in any sense of the word. Travel days can be hard. A curated carry-on list will make your trip exponentially more comfortable. This is my complete list of carry-on MUST-HAVES for international trips. You are welcome! In my Wallet Passport and Drivers license (if you are driving internationally) 1-2 travel credit cards (Chase Sapphire Reserve and Chase Ink) and 1 debit card (Charles Schwab)…

If you’ve ever wanted to hit the gas on adventure and splurge on a dream trip to Europe, Asia, South Africa, wherever, now is the time to do it! Currency rates have never been better and the low cost carriers like Norwegian Air offer low cost options to international destinations. On top of that, there’s a bunch of great credit card promos and award travel to be had from it. 1. Top Credit Card Offers…

A first class ticket to Bali and 3 nights stay at the Four Seasons are no longer out of reach. With these top rated travel cards you can travel like royalty. Travel Rewards Cards are an incredible way to make expensive overseas travel a reality for those of us that aren’t driving Range Rovers or spending our days jetting around in our private planes. I’ve listed my top 4 favorite travel cards for the average…

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