Most of us can’t afford to fly in the lie-flat, luxury that business class provides, aside from the occasional splurge upgrade that forces your wallet to cringe with guilt. This doesn’t mean that you can’t come prepared and make your in-flight experience feel like a luxurious jaunt through the cloud laden sky. I’ve highlighted a number of products to add to your carry-on checklist to ensure your long-haul flight is comfortable and doesn’t feel quite like the centrifuge of torture that it sometimes really is.

  1. A cashmere travel wrap. The blankets they provide in coach are less than warm and honestly feel like the felt you’d use in your kindergarten craft time.
  2. Bose Headphones Around-Ear Headphones. These are not noise cancelling and are inexpensive in comparison but do a great job of muffling noise and they’re very comfortable.
  3. Silk eye shades.  Your neighbor will inevitably use their overhead light at the most inopportune times and if you want to get any sleep on the flight, these are a must.
  4. Memory Foam Neck Pillow. Have any of you experienced the embarrassing mouth-open, head-down sleeping position on one of your flights? Well I have, and it’s uncomfortable and slightly humiliating. This will keep your head up and mouth closed.
  5. Ugg Slippers. I don’t have a pair of these, but my feet are always freezing on airplanes and I tried to avoid walking around sock-footed.
  6. Lavender Essential Oils Wipes. They say your tray table and seat belt are the dirtiest part of an airplane, so I never travel without baby wipes, but these lavender essential oil wipes are even better because they provide a calming, spa-like scent. Did you know Lavender is naturally antibacterial?

My final piece of advice is to upgrade to economy comfort if the added price isn’t too much or make sure to get an aisle seat. Especially if you are almost 5’8’’ like me, your ankles and legs will be thanking you 5 hours in. Another quick tip: drink A LOT of water and avoid alcohol as well as the in-flight meals. The food is absolutely loaded with sodium and you’ll feel a lot better (and less bloated) if you grab some real food prior to boarding.

This may seem like a high-maintenance list of items, but trust me this makes an 8.5 hour flight feel shorter, more bearable and even a little luxurious.


Your guide to Wanderlust – Maggie-

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