Looking through my archives of thousands of images, I realized I have a small (or not so small) fascination with doors. To be fair I did grow up in small town America, where doors are mainly functional and nothing to write home about. So perhaps as I ventured out across the globe, seeing beautiful and even breath-taking doors has captivated me. I am happy to share with you few of my favorites! (I, at the same time realized my fascination for arch ways and windows…but that, my friends, is another post.) Enjoy!

“Every exist is an entrance to somewhere else” -Rebecca Puig

Convent of Christ Church, Tomar, Portugal
Countryside Farm, Belgium
Perast, Montenegro
Thimphu, Bhutan
Dubrovnik, Croatia
Lisbon, Portugal
Mandalay, Myanmar
Rural India
Casablanca, Morocco
Petit Palais, Paris, France
Rajashtan, India
Convent of Christ Church, Tomar, Portugal
Versailles, France
Samode Palace, India
Fez, Morocco
Sintra, Portugal
Bruges, Belgium
Lisbon, Portugal

“In the universe there are things that are known and things that are unknown, and in between there are doors”

Happy Travels!

Doors of the World by Shelley Coar http://wanderlustbound.com/doors-of-the-world/

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